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DATE: AUGUST 18, 2021


ATHENS, GA—Today, Republican candidate for Georgia’s 10th District Mike Collins made the following statement about the botched withdrawal from Afghanistan:

The US withdrawal as planned by President Trump was the right move and with it, the return of the Taliban was inevitable.

However, the execution of the withdrawal has been the greatest international embarrassment to the United States in our entire history, and the responsibility for that falls squarely on Joe Biden. Not only did Biden delay President Trump’s negotiated withdrawal for three months until the fighting season, and not only did he fail to scuttle or reclaim billions of dollars in military hardware, but he has abandoned tens of thousands of American citizens and is instead prioritizing bringing thousands of unscreened Afghani “refugees” to our homeland.

Even during the fall of Saigon, another dark moment from our past, our government made great efforts to get all of our citizens out.

How hard would it have been to use airstrikes to delay the Taliban’s advance to buy more time to evacuate our people? Why are we putting dangerous Afghanis on C-130s rather than our own citizens?

On the day I am sworn in as the next Congressman to represent the 10th District of Georgia, I will introduce articles of impeachment against President Biden for this reckless betrayal of thousands of our own citizens. If any of them are harmed, their blood is on Joe Biden’s hands.

And in the meantime, the US must not bring any refugees to our homeland. They are unscreened, dangerous, and would be better off in one of the many Muslim countries we send billions of dollars every year.

Mike Collins owns a trucking company headquartered in Georgia’s 10th Congressional district with over 100 employees. He was one of the earliest supporters for Donald Trump in 2016 before he was the nominee and is running on the America First agenda. To learn more about Mike visit