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Mike Collins Statement on FIRST Place on Election Night

By May 24, 2022June 22nd, 2022No Comments

DATE: May 24th, 2022                                                                             Contact:[email protected]

Mike Collins Statement on FIRST Place On Election Night

JACKSON, Ga.— “Wow! I’m honored and humbled to be in first place in our race
heading to a runoff with a huge lead and a ton of momentum. These results clearly
show that the hardworking folks of the 10th district want a Pro-Trump, America First,
blue-collar trucker who will FIGHT for them every day in Washington. Over the past
year, we’ve been putting in the work every day, knocking on doors, putting up yard signs,
making phone calls, meeting with voters, and traveling every corner of this district to get
our message out–and that’s why we’re in first place with a huge lead. For the next four
weeks, we’re going to hit another level altogether, and win this race on June 21st. Leigh
Ann and I are so thankful for the tremendous support you’ve given us so far–now, let’s
go finish this race strong and send a trucker to Washington who will fight for our values
every day in Washington. God Bless!” – Mike Collins