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New Poll Shows Mike Collins as the Clear Frontrunner in GA-10 with a 27 Point Lead

By February 3, 2022February 4th, 2022No Comments

DATE: February 3, 2022                                                                            Contact: [email protected]

Mike Collins with 36 percent; next closest competitor at 11 percent

Jackson, GA—A new poll released today by prominent Georgia and National pollster, Trafalgar Group, shows America First trucking executive Mike Collins with a resounding lead in the open race for Georgia’s 10th Congressional District. According to the poll, Collins leads the field with 35.6 percent of the primary vote with the next-closest competitor, Paul Broun at 11.1 percent, followed by David Curry at 9.1 percent, Timothy Barr at 7.7 percent, Mark McMain at 6.6 percent, and Patrick Witt at 2.4 percent–with “other candidates” at 12 percent. When a hypothetical candidate in Vernon Jones was placed on the ballot, he received 1.9 percent–with Mike Collins ticking up slightly to 35.8 percent and all other candidates remaining relatively unchanged. In both scenarios, undecideds accounted for only roughly 15 percent of the total vote share, meaning the race as it stands today is relatively settled.

“This poll shows what we have been saying for months: our campaign has all of the momentum, grassroots support, and ground game to win in May–and that’s exactly what’s going to happen. Our pro-Trump, America First message is resonating with Georgians across our district who are tired of career politicians, spineless RINOs, and establishment elites,” said Mike Collins. “From the minute I launched my campaign, I’ve been traveling every corner of the district listening to voters’ concerns and standing up for the values that Make America Great. We’re not going to take anything for granted; we’re going to keep working every day to build momentum, get our message out, knock on doors, and bring home a big win in May for the forgotten men and women of Georgia’s 10th Congressional District.”

This poll was conducted within the new boundaries of Georgia’s 10th District and was conducted from February 1 – 3. It included 754 respondents who are likely 2022 GOP Primary voters in the 10th Congressional District. It has a margin of error of 3.56%. The poll further demonstrates Mike Collins’ strong position in GA-10. On top of his clear polling lead, Mike also has a significant fundraising advantage, with $751,000 cash on hand at the end of the 4th Quarter—nearly double his next closest competitor.

This is the second public poll that has shown Mike Collins as the clear frontrunner in the race. In December, SoCo Strategies released a poll showing Mike at 26 percent with the next closest competitor at 10 percent. That poll included a survey of over 2,500 likely Republican primary voters from Nov. 28 – Dec. 1 that had previously voted in a Republican primary in an attempt to obtain a weighted sampling of 325 in each individual district. The MoE was 4.5%.

To view the full results of the Trafalgar poll, click HERE. To learn more about Trafalgar Group, click HERE.