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DATE: July 30, 2021



ATHENS, GA—President Joe Biden falsely claimed Wednesday that he had driven an 18-wheeler. Biden was heard off-camera while visiting a Mack Truck factory in Lower Macungie Township, Pennsylvania stating: “I used to drive an 18-wheeler, man […] I got to.” The White House has only managed to point to an article from the Wilmington Evening Journal in December 1973 that reported Biden taking a ride, not operating the truck.

In response, Republican Candidate for Georgia’s 10th Congressional District released the following statement: 

One ride-along from the 1970s does not make Biden a truck driver. The President is clearly delusional, and he’s made a lot of delusional statements over the last few years. 

But the real problem isn’t so much the lie but that he thinks that the life of a trucker, like the lives of many working people across this country, can be reduced to a costume. And because he supposedly put on that costume one time, he can relate to our way of life and can be trusted to solve our problems. 

From a border open to illegal immigrants that drive down our wages, to the wave of narcotics coming in from Mexico that addict and kill us, to trade policies that rob us of gainful manufacturing jobs, to endless foreign wars that send our sons and daughters overseas to die for nothing, Joe Biden has only made our people worse off over his long political career. No make-believe story about truck driving is going make us forget that. 

I’ve been a trucker my entire adult life, and I run a trucking company now with over 100 employees. I see the worry in their eyes, and I know their uncertainty about their family’s futures. Unlike Joe Biden, I won’t have to pretend to understand their struggles. I will always put America, and Americans, first. 

Mike Collins owns a trucking company headquartered in Georgia’s 10th Congressional district with over 100 employees. He was one of the earliest supporters for Donald Trump in 2016 before he was the nominee and is running on the America First agenda. To learn more about Mike visit