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DATE: AUGUST 9, 2021



ATHENS, GA – The Democrat-controlled U.S. Senate is set to vote on an “infrastructure” bill this Friday with the help of several Republican senators. This legislation includes funding to create a system to implement a national motor vehicle per-mile user fee.

In response, Republican Candidate for Georgia’s 10th Congressional District released the following statement:

Big spending politicians are taking the American people for a ride by masquerading this bill as infrastructure when 77% of the bill spends money on things other than highways, bridges, tunnels, ports and waterways.

But also buried in this bill is funding to implement one of the most regressive taxes on American families and small businesses imaginable: a national motor vehicle per-mile user fee.

Not only will this drive up costs of vehicle ownership for working families, it will increase the cost of everything else they depend on. I run a trucking company and I know that increases in transportation costs for food and other necessary goods will be passed onto the consumer. This will compound the current inflation crisis that is robbing working families across the country of their hard-earned dollars.

It’s a shame that any Republican Senator would vote to further burden our country with a regressive tax increase on our working families while at the same time adding more debt through reckless and wasteful spending.

If Congress wants to be serious about infrastructure improvements, they will pass a clean bill that only focuses on highways, bridges, tunnels, ports and waterways just like President Trump, Senator Cruz and others have been advocating for.

Mike Collins owns a trucking company headquartered in Georgia’s 10th Congressional district with over 100 employees. He was one of the earliest supporters for Donald Trump in 2016 before he was the nominee and is running on the America First agenda. To learn more about Mike visit